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PvP Survival

Can you survive on your own or with friends? Watch out for other people they might be hostile.


Ever wanted to just kill people in Unturned? Join arena now to play with or against your friends.


Some custom made servers that might even have a different game mode.

Teamspeak 3

Join our teamspeak server to speak with staff, players or friends.


Latest news

We are trying to setup a competition!

  • 09/06/2018 15:20

So we need help with setting up our first Competition A.K.AChampionship.

So a quick explanation off the event.

First 4 rounds will be free for all on arena, with a point system and then the top players (amount depends on # off ppl entered) will do 1vs1's .

What would we want you to do:

  • Give the post a like if you like havong a competition.
  • Fill in this forum for the setup.
  • Anny other idea's Feel free to Comment bellow.
  • Latest server

    New server: Washington PvP Survival!

    • 02/06/2018 21:20

    We have fixed up teh server and more servers will be fixed once i get more staff. We hope you'll have fun in our new server.