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PvP Survival

Can you survive on your own or with friends? Watch out for other people they might be hostile.


Ever wanted to just kill people in Unturned? Join arena now to play with or against your friends.


Some custom made servers that might even have a different game mode.

Teamspeak 3

Join our teamspeak server to speak with staff, players or friends.


Latest news

New forum!

  • 23/02/2017 00:20

Hello I have switched the the old forum to the discssion page of the RevoCraft Network steam group. Now i will recieve notifications on my steam acc when someone post something in the new forum, meaning that i would be able to respont quicker. The people that posted a report or staff application don't repost it because i can still look at the old one.

Latest server

New server: Hawaii PvP Survival!

  • 19/02/2017 21:20

Its the new community created map that have been added to the game by nelson. We hope you'll have fun in our new server.