Battery Crates

2k battery crate

Buy yourself 2k batteries.

Price = 2 EURO

Steam-Acc-Link or steamID64

5k battery crate

Buy yourself 5k batteries.

Price = 5 EURO

Steam-Acc-Link or steamID64

10k battery crate

Price = 10 EURO

Buy yourself 10k batteries.

Steam-Acc-Link or steamID64

*Note: There might be a delay between paying and receiving the item you bought, but it won't be longer than 24hr (The reason is that i need to change it manually and i'm not home, working, sleeping, ...). Except when i am on vacation it might take longer if i don't have access to the internet, but it happens rarely.

We don't refund donations when you get banned from the RevoCraft Network servers. The perks given to donators are considered as digital goods and are ineligible to the PayPal Purchase Protection according to the PayPal User Agreement 11.5.


PvP Survival

Can you survive on your own or with friends? Watch out for other people they might be hostile.


Ever wanted to just kill people in Unturned? Join arena now to play with or against your friends.


Some custom made servers that might even have a different game mode.

Teamspeak 3

Join our teamspeak server to speak with staff, players or friends.