PvP Survival Servers

RevoCraft.net{PVP|Shop|VoteRewards|TPA|Feast|TS3}1 On Washington!

Gamemode: Normal.

A darker map set somewhere in the United States with many pine trees, mountains, cover and height variation. This location was better prepared for the apocalypse, and the military attempted to fortify several locations.

RevoCraft.net{PVP|Shop|VoteRewards|TPA|Feast|TS3}2 On PEI!

Gamemode: Normal.

PEI is a large island with smaller islands around it. Most of the terrain is filled with grass and trees and the outline of PEI is filled with beaches and sand. It has several locations throughout the island whereas all towns and farms are connected to the main road. The main island, unlike its real-life counterpart, is also very hilly in some places. The map is mainly focused on player vs. environment, with four small civilian towns, four farms, and two campsites, although the presence of two military locations, along with the bunker on Holman Isle, make player vs. player combat quite viable.

RevoCraft.net{PVP|Shop|VoteRewards|TPA|Feast|TS3}6 On Yukon!

Gamemode: Easy.

A blizzardy location deep in the mountains. This will make use of the snow system in the editor, and offer a much tougher survival experience compared to PEI. There will be far fewer locations save a crash site where the player spawns and some outposts in favor of the outdoors experience. This will hopefully lead to more snow assets, traps and new animals

RevoCraft.net{PVP|Shop|VoteRewards|TPA|Feast|TS3}8 On Russia!

Gamemode: Normal.

Russia is a large multi-biome survival map in Unturned 3, and four times as large as other survival maps. It is based on the real-life country of Russia, where it mainly focuses on Moscow and its surroundings.

RevoCraft.net{PVP|Shop|VoteRewards|TPA|Feast|TS3}9 On Germany!

Gamemode: Normal.

Germany is a large map that has been added in Unturned 3 released on July 7, 2017, for Unturned's third anniversary. It will be version


PvP Survival

Can you survive on your own or with friends? Watch out for other people they might be hostile.


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Some custom made servers that might even have a different game mode.

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